Media Relations & Reputation Management

Whether you’re a company chairman or Independent Director, a CEO or a CFO, a Corporate Affairs director or a financial or legal adviser, if you’re looking for media handling help then you need more than the basics.

Media relations, and relationships, are the heart of our Financial PR offering. Led by former business and financial editors, we combine innovative advice and thinking with the journalistic reflexes and experience to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks.

We focus on getting your story straight. We’ll distil your issues and challenges into the right messages, tactics and conversations to build and protect your corporate reputation, track record and valuation.

And we’ll do it with energy and creativity.

Executive Profiling & Thought Leadership

Companies’ executives are increasingly not just tasked with the job at hand, but they are spokespeople for the business as well. It is important that they not only have opinions but that they share their perspectives on current and emerging issues, industry trends and company news and events. They need a detailed understanding of the potential effects external and internal changes can pose to their business and its stakeholders.

We position executives as thought leaders in their industry, through written articles and viewpoints, interviews, panels, seminars and speeches. We ensure that all corporate messaging is in line with your company’s mission and business strategy, so that each individual piece of content has a far wider impact and strengthens the bond between your company and the values it embodies. We advise executives how to build and manage their personal online presence through social media and how to use it most effectively in a corporate context.


We align all communications with your business’ corporate social responsibility goals. We clearly communicate these objectives to all stakeholders and effectively positions companies in line with their CSR aims. As increasing numbers of job-seekers place emphasis on the importance of socially conscious firms, a strong focus on CSR initiatives also serves to attract and retain talent.

Active Reputation Management

Stakeholders have a great impact on a company’s reputation. For this reason, we carry out stakeholder audits to identify and engage with those who have an interest in your business. We create and tailor messages for every group of stakeholders and advise on the best way to contact them, guaranteeing every person who can have an effect on your company’s decisions is given a transparent view of the business, bolstering support.

Our dedicated research team pin down the issues and draw out insights, which can be used to hone your company’s positioning. We fully understand how each distinct group of stakeholders views your brand and its industry and use these findings to set out strategic goals and tailor corporate messaging.

Corporate Positioning & Messaging

Companies need to have an overarching and cohesive narrative threaded through all business functions, so that there is alignment of all the key messages with stakeholders. We help to construct this, so all departments share messages that sit under one umbrella and the company’s values, mission and strategy are communicated seamlessly and effectively.

Media Training

Developing confident, controlled and compelling spokespeople is a fundamental part of the communications process.

Citigate Dewe Rogerson has extensive experience in all aspects of media training. We have a dedicated team of media training professionals who have worked with clients across a range of sectors, including asset management, banking, insurance, fintech, recruitment, healthcare and FMCG.

We media train C-suite executives and other key individuals, tailoring each session to fit the needs of our clients. Areas can include insights into the media, message development, stress testing and crisis scenarios, Q&As, best-practice use of social media, and mock interviews. We provide post-training reports and advice for each individual that can be shared among key stakeholders in the communications chain.

Our media training team includes a number of ex-journalists from national and trade publications as well as PR professionals with decades of communications experience. We also work with a select group of external specialist trainers when necessary.

In addition, Citigate Dewe Rogerson can advise on presentation techniques and talking at industry and media events, conferences and networking opportunities.

Internal Communications

A great company is built from the inside out. Internal communications are a vital tool to help your business move forward and implement changes. We ensure that your employees are involved and engaged, and are part of the decision-making process for your company’s transformation. We strengthen employees’ understandings of your business strategy and build trust in its leaders and key executives.

Through organizational change communications, we keep employees up-to-date throughout every step of the transformation. Change communications address the needs of employees and stakeholders during this time, guaranteeing that they are kept front of mind throughout the time of change and managing the effects after implementation.

Media Relations

Our strong relationships with key media players and our wealth of experience across sectors and publications mean that we are best-placed to advise on both the method of communication and appropriate message to share, to work towards achieving your business strategy.

We dedicate time and effort to fostering long-lasting relationships with journalists, editors and commentators from trade, national, digital and broadcast media. We are able to reach your target audience through the media, and precise storytelling will disseminate your message to them in the exact way you want it to be read.

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